I Am Selfish.

So I am new to this, but I feel that I will get used to it. So for the sake of my identity I will just remain as Snickers.


Anywho how to start this off? I have to admit I am creating this blog for very selfish reasons... But I need a way to get these feelings out and possibly get some support.


I have a problem. I need more attention. I know I know, "thats your problem?" yes. yes it is.

I have been going out with this wonderful girl for almost 2 years now and I am madly in love with her. I have been lucky to meet someone as bright and as beautiful as her and to be able to share my love with. That being said I have a problem. We're about to graduate high school and we have both been really stressed and lately we have been in a "rut". Wait why am I lying to some strangers on the internet? We have been in a rut for a very very long time. It has been hard on my girlfriend. She has told me this several times and every time I say ill work on it and plan some events. I really do try. But no matter what I do we always go back to this rut.(Or at least whenever we are stressed thanks to high school) And I know this will pass, but sometimes I just wish. I just wish that I wasn't human. That I didn't need constant affection. I wish that I could just not need assurance or love or anything emotional because then I wouldn't get hurt and neither would the ones I care about. But going back to my problem I have a very hard time when my girlfriend is stressed and I comfort her and I am her rock, I am her safety net;but wheres my safety net? Who will be there for me while I am comforting my girlfriend? Who will be there to give me constant assurance? The answer is blunt: no one. Men are supposed to be "Macho" and not need assurance because we are all confidence. ummm hello? I don't think so. I believe there are some men out there like me that need a friend or anything to offer support. I know this to be true in my life so I hope to here from others and how I can maybe help them.


I acknowledge this with a selfish note: I hope that through helping others with struggles, I too will be able to gain support from this blog.



1snickers1 1snickers1
18-21, M
May 23, 2012