I know I am attractive but why is that all anybody sees. Good looks dont get you everything. I wish people would get to know me for my personality not because of my looks. How do I know im good enough to be uour friend or gf if you cant get pass my looks. What if im not what you thought. How am I suppose to be myself if im always worried if I look uglu today then you wont talk to me.
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2012

FuXk what everybody else thinks be your self and if they don't like it ninja kick um

YYou have a great career ahead of you wanting to be a pastry chef. Beauty, bronze for mental and physical stand point. The better question is the guy good enough for you

Rich people have to deal with this too.. are they only my friends cause I have money? However, rich people tend to get richer as the years roll by so may never really know, where you will only get uglier, so you only have to deal with this problem for half your life. Though if God really hated you, you would be rich, pretty, and famous!