I don't feel like I'm a real man most of the time due to what people have said. I'm insecure about my looks, my weight and a few other things my ex actually told me. She informed me that she loved tall guys. That they're just so much better than short guys and that she thinks a friend of mine is perfect in height and that his voice is better because it's deeper. That feels amazing when you're only 5'8 1/2 and your voice isn't deep. I don't have a squeaky voice or anything, but I guess it isn't good enough. Too many things to be insecure about thanks to other people having put said traits down. Every single time I'm near someone taller I feel super insecure. I don't even like being out in public at the moment. My best friend is 6'2 and I felt like I was just nobody thanks to my ex. It's stupid how badly someone's words can really change a person's mind. It drives me insane how worthless I feel because of what people have told me. Well, that's my rant and story. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great day/night!
Frost119 Frost119
26-30, M
Oct 5, 2012