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I Feel Like Im Not Pretty Enough

when guys call me hot its because they want my body
i recently started talking to the guy of my dreams , and obviously
we started flirt texting , he was leading me on , and than he left me a message the other day
saying there would be no amount of alchohol in the world wich would make me want to be with you
he told me i wasnt good enough
i go to school everyday and wear as much makeup as i can
i put it on three times a day ,
i dont wear bikinis
because im too self conciouse
i starve myself , not to gain weight
what is there more to say

lucytaiatu lucytaiatu 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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Atleast u have boobs.. here, look at my post titled "this might work!" Andi have stories about my insecurity as well.. a lot of them

Well.. i used to starve myself too. Then i realized i didnt even want to be skinny ay more. But i have a high metabelism so.. i am. And i hate it. I also have.. no boobs. Which i am extremely insecure about. I dont feel pretty either. So i know how u feel. Sorry u think u are not pretty. Im sure u are :) and if u ever need to talk to some1, im a good listener and wouldnt mind at all.