Girls...Listen, You'Re Not Alone

This is just a short post about something a anonymous person wrote to me, I feel very strongly about....
This was my Facebook status that got an extremely postie reaction with other girls able to relate...

''Dear Anon that wrote on my 'hahaha you retweeted you take your bra off at the end of the day, you got no ****' what you don't realize is that like most girls I have huge insecurities about parts of my body and you chose to target one thing that upsets me the most, it's likely your an ex that I put my trust in and writing that just shows how low you are, I've wanted a boobjob since I was 12, it's crazy how insecure I am about my boobs and yes it is horrible when boys comment on it but to other girls who have similar insecurities like thighs, bum and perhaps their stomach to the most important people in your life none of those things matter so there's no need to worry. Although this seems hypocritical as I will finally get my boobjob next year, I hope other girls can accept themselves and learn to love the parts they hate and gain more confidence. I've never had the courage to write about my problem with my body before but I think it's important that other girls realize it's pretty normal to want to change parts of you...''
ThoughtsOfADreamer ThoughtsOfADreamer
18-21, F
Jan 24, 2013