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I was walking back from school when me and my friend came across a large group of about 18 different boys. They were all in my year or the year above. Suddenly they started shouting things like 'I see you baby shakin' that a**", shouting "yo!hotty!" and dancing 'sexually' behind us. Me and my friend just walked on, carrying on our conversation, trying as hard as we could to ignore them. This went on for a while until they got angry and started calling us b****es. We continued to ignore them and they finally stopped after we walked around the corner and they walked in the other direction except one of them. my friend jumped into her car, and said bye, my mum wasn't there to pick me up yet so I stood theirs airing former but as I waited the one boy that came our way was staring at me from across the road. My mum finally got there and I quickly got in the car.

I am really not sure what happened and how I should have reacted please help?!
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1 Response Feb 2, 2013

I would like some advice on this please help if u have been in a situation like it or have knowledge about I just am a bit on edge. Y'know?