I feel uncertain and lack confidence. That is, when it comes to anything important. With the more mundane or inconsequential things in my life, I feel little pressure to succeed, and with that goes less stress, which makes it easier to actually do something.

With the important things well...I guess the fact that they are important makes me feel as though I simply cannot fail, which causes me to worry that I will fail, which makes even trying so stressful and unpleasant that I don't want to do it at all. So I avoid it like the plague. I don't even make up excuses or anything. I just don't do it.

So my insecurity often keeps me from doing anything at all. It has most of my life, using the same pattern. So I really need to figure out how to break that pattern and get things done, or I'll never get through college and if I do, I'll never get a job.
dysburg dysburg
31-35, M
Jun 11, 2013