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And Want to Change

I feel weak, scared, and frustrated with myself. I can see the path ahead of me, follow along quite nicely- until a bump in the road knocks me on my butt. I get up- brush myself off- and then the feelings of doubt, fear, and memories come flooding back. Suddenly, I am paralyzed within myself. I don't know how to move forward. I want to reach out, ask for help, but then that too drives me further into paralysis. Rejection, abandonment, many frigging issues. How can I learn to overcome these fears, the insecurities, when I don't even know how to believe in myself? Yet that is precisely what I do want- to believe in myself. I am without a doubt, a mess.



angelwings626 angelwings626 46-50, F 15 Responses Nov 17, 2008

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Have you thought about sharing your insecurities with him? What I mean is, don't accuse him- but let him know how it makes you feel. Here's the thing: if you have a relationship where communication and trust is not an issue- than this person could do or say anything to him- AND IT WOULD NOT MATTER. Make sense?

Angel I feel the same way its hard to look at myself knowing where I use to be and were I am now, I'm not myself by any means nor do I see myself who I once was. I miss who I use to be very independent, strong and full of self worth. I am ever so grateful that this support is here I am on the verge on loosing the greatest man ever due to my insecurity with myself, I know he loves me I know he would never hurt me but I get this overwhelming feeling when he is friends with a woman out of the blue and texting I can't help but feel that she thinks there is an open door for her because " maybe he's not happy" "maybe I have a chance here" I don't know please help

thank you sapphyreskye. it has helped me. thanks for commenting. :)

hehe.. we all have them, I guess. Writing about my fears and insecurities is helping me to sort thru them, and eventually -- to let go of them altogether. The support I have found here is also a tremendous help. That is my wish for you, my friend.

Hey man I'm glad I'm not the only one with these feelings

thanks moon ...<br />

When You can see those little tears in your life it means you are one when you have know tears were are you

My countryboy~ once again, I am overcome with this amazement of you and your words of wisdom. I love you.

I think everyone has those fears in their lives at one time or another, but we still need to work to overcome them and with the help of our Loved ones we can overcome anything

WM~ that I can ( and will ) do. thank you for you.<br />
* blowing kisses *

CK~ you have such a way with words- and you give it to me straight- whether I want to hear it or not! I count on you for that, and know it comes from your big loving heart. I was truly blessed the day you came into my life, and will love you always always.

I think we all have fears, I know I sure do. But just like my other emotions, I can only deal with them a little at a time. And to take your fears one step at a time would keep your feet moving. (((Love)))

You, my friend, are NOT a mess. You are human. And, you know that I will be there for you every time you fall. And I will FORCE you (lovingly) to keep going. To not push away the things you love the most. I won't let you. You will eventually learn to do this. It might take a long time, but you have a great support system. We all love you!!

quitting isn't an option for me. I just need to figure out a way to face my fears, so that my feet will keep moving in the right direction. many many hugs to you Josie.

In many ways I have your same fears my friend. Not being accepted, ridiculed, threatened, and even physically hurt. Maybe that's why right now, with other things, I prefer my quiet wallflower type role.<br />
<br />
I have to believe in myself cause I have no one else too and I have others counting on me. <br />
<br />
Whatever happens in life all I know is I have to get up and continue to move forward ... cause stopping or quitting isn't an option. Regardless of what might befall me.<br />
<br />