My Beautiful Insecurities

The statement "Everyone is beautiful in their own way" is a true, yet sometimes misinterpretted one. When Christina Aguilara came out with the song " Beautiful" it sent the message that everyone is beautiful and that we should embrace out flaws, not change them for other people. I swear, the day that song came out every overweight person went out and bought a shirt that was 4 sizes to small!!! There is a fine line between modest and insecure. These people jumped the cliff and landed right in the middle of " inappropriate". For me I really don't think I'm either. I am comfortable with my body as long as I'm comfortable with what I am (or not) wearing. I'll show some boob but keep my tummy covered. I'll wear tight pants that show off my butt, but keep my pasty pale legs covered. I don't necessarily always cover my flaw but I try not to accentuate them either. Like everyone I have body parts that stand out. Sometimes in a freakish way!!! My thumbs for example are like non others but they are great conversation starters and ice breakers!! My Beautiful Insecurities!!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 16, 2007

Lol haha so funny,the day christinas song came out every overweight person when out and bought a shirt 4 sizes too small lol and such a kool story name