Very Insecure

i am very insecure of myself i have a diease called vigaligo it where u lose part of ur pigment in ur skin and u have parts that are tan and parts that are white i hate it makes me look like a freak and i try to hide it the best i can cuz it makes me feel so insecure all the time and that people are constintly stareing at me because of it.i wish there was a cream or some kind of natural pill i could take to get it back again.:(
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6 Responses Sep 17, 2007

I have similar problem with new people. But after a while most should realize the kind of person you are is more important than skin color !

thanks korn i am working very hard on trying to be happy with myself and i always help others no matter how bad i feel.i think that is one of the things jesus equiped me with kindness to others no matter what

I have a good friend with this same condition. He just wears long sleeves all the time and covers up the spots with concealer. He does this every day and he's a pretty happy guy. Because he doesn't have to be so concerned about his skin condition, he has more energy to do the thing he loves the most; helping people. I think that when you are able to help people that that is when you are able to do the most healing, which is something I am trying to do myself.

Well you need not worry about a thing!!! Youre beautiful on the inside and out!! People dont realize what they are missing when they dont get to know you! Youre one of the sweetest people I know!! Just realize youre worth more than you think you are! I know its not contagious and people need to think and use common sense when they say things like that!

thanks hun it helps when i meet people like u and my hubby that dont see it but see who i am inside instead then i get other people that say is it contagatous and dont get near me makes me feel kinda like a freak ya know

You have nothing to worry about!! You look great!!! But, I can understand your insecurities about it!! I know quite a few people that have that and I dont pay any mind to it!! You dont look like a freak by any means!!