ok so im insecure about every single thing about myself

im not sure that ill ever be good enough to satisfy my partner mentallly spiritually physically i think sometimes that he doesnt want to be tied down to just me and it breaks my heart but at the same time i feel selfish sort of i dont know

almost everyday i hate myself for just random things that i do

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life is full of disappointments and sometimes the bad upbringing by parents, the accumulation of bad events and mistakes might lead to the poor image and insecure feeling, time by time you loss inner confidence and depends on others to give it to you, friends, teachers, boss, boy friend.....etc, you may change to be someone else to please someone you saw your mistakes as mountains esp if the other person mentioned them, you started to compare yourself with others esp those who are admired by the other person, never mind if you are beautiful, talented, funny, honest, trusted, passionate, clever......etc the compared person will in the other person as well as your eyes as you only beleive on himso what you really wantwrite down your good qualitiesrespect yourself, no one else will dostop comparing yourself with otherstell yourself you are confidentforgive yourself for your mistakesstay positivethen face him, tell him to be honest in his feelings towards you, if he said that he dont like you anymore, just go life is too short to be wasted on people who dont love us, take your time and relax then date again and the future may hide the best for youbest wishes

If insecurity find it's basis in fear, and fear is none other than the urge to protect, then it necessarily begs the question: what are you trying to protect? Is there anything to protect? <br />
<br />
None of it's real.

Girlfriend- I was your age once and I was in love with a man who was never satisfied no matter how pretty, sexy, fun, funny, smart I was. His capacity to love was not as great as mine. I thought there was no one else in the world but him. I am 38 now and I am with a man who is loyal and loves me. You don't have to wait that long! Go out with a guy 5-10 years older. Once you go on a date with a mature, decent man that knows what he wants and won't lie to you or make you feel inferior to him- you will be SO happy that you left that clueless bastard you're with now. You sound so sweet- get out now save yourself from misery- LEAVE HIM. GO OUT WITH OTHER MEN! DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK WHEN HE BEGS YOU! Men like this are insecure and they cannot express themselves honestly. YOU can't change him. MOVE ON and never look back. Years later when you do look back be happy you got out. He may want you and take you for granted, but he doesn't want anyone else to have you. Don't be afraid to leave him- meet other people- you are beautiful! Go have fun enjoy yourself with a secure man! Good luck!