No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I was leaving CVS to get into my car and as I looked up to put the key in I noticed the car in parked in front of mine meter had expired. I had a quarter in a compartment of my car so I got out and put it into meter of whoever's car. I swear the meter maids in this town hide behind buildings waiting for some unsuspecting soul to forget to fill the meter. After I put the coin in I had a bad feeling and thought to myself, "No good deed goes unpunished." I usually don't mention I do little acts of kindness, because I don't need to prove anything to anyone. My thoughts were soon distracted by my hungry stomach and drove to a subshop up the street. As I looked into my pocketbook to pay for my salad, I realized my wallet wasn't there. I ran to my car and looked under the seats and all about the car. It wasn't there. I jumped into my car and pulled an illegal u-turn and started back to CVS. I was upset about my wallet, but what scared me most is I had a script for pain medication in my wallet, and the worst scenerio is that it could get into some kid's hands and he could OD. As I came to the light ahead I decided to pull into the left turn only lane to get ahead of the elderly driver who was ahead of me. As I did that, a car came to a screaching halt as I unknowingly cut the driver off. I looked at the family in the car I noticed they were shocked because it was only a few inches before they slammed into my car. There was a young girl in the car who looked so frightened I felt awful and called out my apologies. The light turned red and I pushed hard on the gas peddle and went lights flashing,,,"License and registration please." I was freaking out at this point and I sputtered to the officer, "I don't have my wallet, I left it at CVS and it has a script for pain medication in it and some kid could find it...please, can I get in your car and you can drive me and we'll do this later!" He looked at my bags from CVS and he asked for my registration and I pulled on the glovebox, but it was stuck shut! He took my information verbally and told me that the car that I cut off was speeding and if it hit me, it would have been very serious. I thanked him for stopping me and he let me go. I drove to CVS and I had at least 5 people searching the store for my wallet and we could not find it. I left the store and headed home with a hope that just maybe CVS would be calling me after finding my wallet. I was a home and on a whim I checked my mailbox. It was there!!! Everyone was safe!!...the people I cut off, me, and the kid who may have OD'd! My good deed had gone unpunished!!!!!
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Last Thursday I was sick and I went to get my car fixed anyway because I had an appointment for it and then during my time for waiting I took my thermos with coffee and I went to the supermarket to get a snack. When I was checking out at the register I couldn't find my thermos and then I looked all over the store for it and I tried to find every place that I could possibly have left it and it couldn't be found and that was an expensive one and on Friday I went back and someone had found it somewhere and it was over at the customer service desk. I found it to be really inspiring and in my experience these sorts of things make the whole world seem different.

Good story, thanks for sharing it. There are still a few people out there
willing to commit random acts of kindness, though they seem to be
getting more rare. I'm glad things worked out well for you that day! Sean

That is an amazing story.Very ronic how things turned out.Not sure if your'e relgious but God was wacthing over you.Lucky that the right people found your wallet and were faithful enough to delvier it to your home!!Wow.

Finally got the ac compresser out, only took 7 hours, now have to put it all back together again, yay for me.

Oh! redtailfree48. Good for you! Enjoy spending time with your compresser. You must be one who doesn't understand what it's like to be with people. Well, best of luck to you!

Good to know, that there are still kind, caring people out there! :)

There are a few nice people around, but you have to look for them. Watch your back for the other 90% of the population. Took me awhile to believe that most people are selfish and unempathetic. I am not cynical. I researched this and found studies which show this is sadly true. :(

what a amazing scenario huh? Yesterday was like that for me too. My gf's car broke a belt on her way to work, so I decided to make it an early day and get the car towed. What happened was the clutch oin the ac seized. So I neeeded to get the car home. Well on m y way home, the belt on my car broke, had to get it tiiwed back to my work and a friend of mine helped me with putting the new belt on, it took longer because peices of the belt was still behiond the pully. Finally getting the car home then get her car towed. Today will be another interesting day lol.

Great story

I hope the rest of your day goes well! :)

Wow! That is amazing! Goodness kept intervening!!! Thank you for sharing this incredible experience.

Thank you. I thought it went well too!