I admire people who have been through really painful situations (and who have every right to be mad at the world) but they still remained to be kind hearted people and not bitter.
Spencer024 Spencer024
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Hi I have been thru the same situations but I was totally healed by one of my patient,kind and loving friend,Joanna..she came every Saturday for two years I think to read thru Bible,books on being positive,endurance and all..I naturally have love for ppl before but after my time with her I became a better person and let time to heal everything and not bitter about anything or at anybody..I literally make peace with my past..now I am a very happy person...:-)

You must be lucky to have a friend like her. :) good to know you're doing good now. :)

To Spencer024..yes,she is so kind,nice and understanding..she is literally like an angel sent by God :-)

Me too.