This man inspired me after all the heartache and loss he has experienced in his life.  He has learned valuable lessons and has gone on to achieve greatness with awards like the lifetime achievement award with many others.  He lost his wife to AIDS, and his daughter to AIDS.  While his wife was fighting her illness she started a foundation called the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics foundation that has grown by leaps and bounds over the decades. 

After loosing his wife and daughter and raising his son who also contracted AIDS he continued on with the AIDS foundation that helps kids all over the world to fight this terrible virus.  When he was at his lowest point in life he picked himself up and kept going and now is doing something good for others.  He never gave up, or quit, or got angry but keeped his wifes and daughters memory alive by fighting the fight against pediatric AIDS.  A true inspirational story.  After reading his story it gives me pause to be thankkful and grateful for what I have and no matter how hard life gets I have to get my self off the floor and keep going.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
Mar 21, 2009