A Natural Determination

Part of Antoni Gaudi's religious vision was his love of nature. A great architect, artist, and craftsman, he said: "Nothing is invented; it's written in nature." And so it is, with the flowing curves and solid objects that seem to move and soar.

When undertaking a lengthy project, like the blossomng of La Sagrada Familia project, to which he gave 40 years of his life and which he knew would fall to at least several successors to complete, he said: "My Client" (meaning God) "is in no hurry."

I take inspiration from these things.
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4 Responses Jun 11, 2011

Inspiring, yes, but terribly tragic as well. I refer, of course, to the circumstances of both his death and his life, in which he did not have a love of his own. Pianist Pepeta Moreu abandoned him for another man. He never married.<br />
<br />
There was a fanciful musical about his life, did you know that? You can read about it here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/this-europe-gaudis-life-receives-the-designer-treatment-646455.html<br />
It would be fun to see this with you, WO.

It sounds like a wonderful experience, being in there, even seeing it from afar. I went nuts over the photographs. It seems surreal even, majestic. I agree about the supernatural too.

Well you know me and geography...I am the same way with architecture. But I'm learning. <br />
I Googled, and I was blown away. You taught me something today, and I am very grateful. Breathtaking.<br />
"Nothing is invented; it is written in nature." True, but it takes a true artist to discover it and emulate it in such a way as to leave a person standing, gaping, awestruck...<br />
Thank you for this beautiful message and for the lesson. I loved it.<br />
Hope you're having fun.

Yes, it's a wonderful concept that a project should be considered ongoing, after all when can a piece of art (in particular) be considered truly finished? We can choose to walk away from a painting or a piece of writing but who is to say that another couldn't take that piece and continue with it ... bringing new life and vision to our original idea? What a wonderful, inclusive idea this is, that a creative project belongs to us all ... and is already "written in nature".