Encouraging Words From Mom

(this conversation is translated from tagalog to english. LOL)

my mom suddenly started a conversation while we were eating in the dining room.

Mom: How's your exam?

Me: fine. i'm already studying for the third day. (our exam week consist of four days. atleast four subjects a day. it was the day before the first day that time)

Mom: WOW?! (it was a rare expression she showed that i'll never forget. :D) really?? why so fast?

Me: i got exempted from a few exams. because i passed the conditions for exemptions.

Mom: how many of your exams got exempted?

Me: four.

Mom: REALLY? (there goes that shocking rare expression again) wow i'm impressed. if only i have enough money, i will definitely make you go to La Salle (one of the best universities here in Philippines)

Me: *smiles*

Mom: you know, you are really good in academic stuffs. but when it comes to strategic thinking, i have to admit, you are not that good. i advice you to be more like MCGYVER. know what? you are a lot like your dad. he strictly thinks that hammer can only be used on nails. AND ON NAILS ONLY. what if i want hit the hammer on your head? does that prove that hammer can be used in other stuffs and not strictly on nails only? i am certainly dumb on reading and studying written stuffs on school but i have to brag, i have a great strategic mind. it's a kind of mind that produces quick answers on problems. and not sticking on usual ideas. it's more on being creative in a different way.


--she moved the dining table which is full of fruits and foods away from the wall it was leaning on.

Mom: now, why did i move the table away from the wall?

Me: uhhm... to keep the wooden table from staining your precious wall?

Mom: probably. possible. but think of a deeper reason.

















Mom: I moved it to keep the ants away from the food. if you're a great observer, there's always a colony of ants walking on that wall.(i know that)  without the table touching the wall, the ants wouldnt have some kind of ladder to climb up the sufrace of the table. see? that's my first simple test. and you failed. there's no books to guide you in these kinds of tests. there's no need to memorize anything. and there's definitely no formula. all you have to do is think how to cover the problem.


---even though i failed, that conversation lightened up my day. she confronted me on the things i lack and encouraged me to complete the missing pieces. i know there's more test to challenge me. and  i look forward to it. :D

mhel0w8 mhel0w8
22-25, F
Mar 2, 2010