Every Teachers Worst Nightmare

i was that child at school, i challenged the teachers. I misbehaved in class i always had an answer, questioned everything. Was considered disruptive, and yet i was always top of the class. My behaviour baffled my teachers they couldnt understand it. Each and every exam time i would get my results handed to me with a wry look or over the top of glasses, incredulous words like"first place' came out of their mouths. One even asked me once how did you manage this! who did you copy?. I was walking on a knifes edge in my school report...defending the indefensible in another. I felt like some kind of superhero..they were the villains. i was crazy but i was intelligent too. 

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hmmm well personally i dont think they deserve such emotions, i treat them with the contempt they deserve....just ignore them they always go away in the end!. xx

lightyagami i dont hate i just get annoyed really.

lol, well that's a start 8 dollars..ha<br />
You sound like me, i was always top of the class but always the one in trouble too!. and i had the same problem in maths!...i never did stop questioning and they never could explain...i dont do text book i want examples..show me!. Often they couldn't!, the blind leading the blind.

My math teachers didn't know what to do with me because they would explain things to me & I'd keep asking 'but WHY does it work that way?' 'HOW does that make that come out?" They kept saying - 'It doesn't matter, it just does." <br />
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I could never accept it - it drove me crazy. For a long time I hated math because no one could explain WHY...I just couldn't get into something that had like no depth or reason.....<br />
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EVen thought I was in honors classes, I was sooooooooo bored - my teachers actually had me tested for ADHD (which I actually have ) but said I dodn't have it 'cause I only forgot things I wasn't really interested in'. Hones! I really just forgot -- I can only thin of one thing for like 2 seconds - I try but am still the same - I just laugh at it now....<br />
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SOme of my teachers would think I was actually really stupid -- like my SPanish teacher in elementary...until I missed 2 months of school for medical reasons & had 6 weeks left of school when I came back - so I had 6 wees to keep up with current homework AND finish 2 months of homework. (wasn't able to do it in hospital)<br />
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She was positive I wouldn't do it...I was SO happy - it wasn't nearly as boring to do it all at once - I finished it all early...my teach was speechless -- haha! School would've been much better if I could have done 2-3 years at a time. I think a lot of kids prolly feel that way. <br />
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My worst fault (& stil is) is how willful I was.... My grandma tells this story of an elementary conference for art class (arts make me intolerably willful & I can't listen to anyone) -- she said the teacher brought out my artwork and paused, then said.calmly...'She has to do things...HER way......you can't talk to her about how to do things...'<br />
My grandma then says - in her grandma way : But you always had 100's so your way must have been just fine! Remember that girl who offered to pay you for some of your artwork?? Me: Yes, Nana...... (a whole $8.oo dollars, lol)

haha i agree