Women And Intuition

I read a friend of mine's update on Facebook today talking about her issue with an abusive man. It brought my attention to the fact that so many women go back to the men that abuse them. It's so easy too--right? You love the man and in your heart you have a vision of the man that you wished he was. You think: "He will change because my love can save him." or "He is just having a hard time with life right now and he will come out of this soon." Sadly, this is not reality. Women try to convince themselves that there is hope. The reality is that if this man hurt you THEN, then he is not going to stop. Oh! He will postpone the abuse until a later time but he will never stop until he has a break where he realizes that he needs help and loves you enough to get it. If you are on a split from an abusive man that wants you back and you still love him but something is screaming at you inside saying "No, don't it!" Then by all means listen to that inner voice. That is your intuition guiding your foresight and it knows more than you do. The reason being is that you think before you see. The experiences you have already had are stored in your brain. When you see something new your brain processes all the data before your eyes even give you a clear picture on what's in front of you. Your intuition is instinct and it knows more than you do at any given moment. If this man has hurt you before than that's all you need to know. GET OUT--LEAVE--If you can, because he's lying in wait for an opportunity to dominate you again whether it's for his own control purposes or bragging rights to his friends. All I am saying is that if you question a future attack then right there tells you what you need to know. "There will be a future attack ahead!" You already know--you have already experienced it. Please don't turn a bind eye and hope that there isn't an attack coming because you already know that there is going to be one unless the man in question seeks professional help. I have read many case studies and books over the subject and I know enough to know that it always escalates. In your mind and heart you already know what's going to happen. Listen to that inner voice because it can save your life. If your not concerned for yourself then be concerned for your children or friends and family who need you. You attacker is not caring about all of that. You need too!
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Thanks for sharing this story. I grew up with one of these. My mom's beau was an alcoholic and drug addict, a good provider I suppose, but a real pain in the neck to live with. I mean, we learned to walk on egg-shells around him all the time. Well, mom and him decided to marry after all this crap. And we all believed it would make a difference. About one-and-a-half years after getting married they finally broke up for good. Amen. We do delude ourselves into thinking things will change, but it just ain't so. It's best to get out while you can.