Actually I Am Not Really Sure

Maybe it is just that I am "different". I know I am smart. I score highly on tests. I am a whizz with puzzles. I catch on to things quickly. l see sides and angles to things that other people don't pick up. You would never know when talking to me that I only had one year of high school education. The way i think and speak sets me apart from the ordinary people my life circumstances bring me in contact with from day to day. But most of them think I am some kind of airhead when they first meet me. Maybe it's the blonde hair. Or maybe it's because I am poor, have failed to use my natural intelligence to get anywhere. I can only conclude that being intelligent is not enough. You have to DO something with it.   

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1 Response Feb 7, 2011

True, you DO have to do something with your brains. The good thing is that you can choose to do so at any time.<br />
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And for what it's worth, thinking differently from other folks is a mixed blessing. It gives you a slightly different angle on life...but it does make it harder to relate to others.