I am the progeny of a Mensa father and a relatively intelligent mother. Lucky for me, I inherited the IQ smarts from my father and the common-sense smarts from my mother. Even with this, it has taken me years to really understand the phrase, "intelligence is nothing if not applied". I always assumed that smart people would magically find their way in the world. It turns out that the smarter someone is the harder it is for them to fit in and move ahead. At least, thats how it is for me.
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Thanks for the story. I find it hard to believe that intelligence is are the person you are because of life experience and environment. Who in your family had the snarky sense of humor?

I would have to argue with the genetics bit (Ok, I suspect you aren't really adhering to that with any great fervour) as I am the product of an eminently practical mother (A person whose nearly boundless compassion I find constantly humbling) and a father who is....well let's just say he ain't mensa material. I think I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some fairly functional grey matter.Comprehension comes very easily for me, pretty much regardless of the subject matter. I considered taking the mensa test but after looking at the "ask a mensa member" section of their website, I just didn't think I would be a good fit. That's not a criticism, just an opinion on compatibility. :)<br />
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and now I noticed your comment about crazy people. There I was trying to be all tackful.... :P