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well i was always smarter then everyone else in my grade and it is annoying. i mean sure it is nice to be called smart. but now everyone expects me to know the anwser th their problems and it just bothers me now.
austinepic austinepic 18-21, M 3 Responses Apr 23, 2012

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Intelligence Is a blessing and curse.

On a global website like this, i've encountered a few members who have a first language other than English. In that case; errors in spelling and grammar can, and should, be forgiven. Otherwise, care in constructing well-crafted posts shows respect for your readers.

The thing I find more annoying is having to hold myself back for the masses :P. I mean, there are very few people who I can unleash the full extent of my vocabulary and philosophies on. My fancy wordplay tends to annoy and/or offend those who are less intelligent, and I do enjoy fancy wordplay :< oh well.<br />
<br />
Just fyi, being 13-15 and the "smartest in your class", one should be able to do the following:<br />
a) Spell properly.<br />
b) Capitalise letters.<br />
c) Use punctuation other than periods so that sentences which really need to be broken up with commas like this one don't take an annoyingly long breath to say in real life.<br />
<br />
Just sayin' :P

Oh i can but i dont want to

Then you are smart but also lazy, like me :P


I don't necessarily believe you. See, firstly, the message I'm replying to contains the /only/ capital letter you have used in all these messages. This, in my opinion, implies that you were trying to look smarter by actually capitalising the first letter of sentence. Of course this kinda fails because you didn't capitalise the I too, but oh well. Not to mention that your spelling errors can't be born of laziness considering the fact that it takes very little effort to spell the words you've misspelled, and in fact in at least one case would have taken the same amount of effort (if effort is equal to number of characters) to spell the word correctly in the first place..

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