A Person Of High Intelligence Should Never Join The Military!

You cannot hide your intelligence and when discovered you will be singled out for harassment for the rest of the time you serve in that unit. Your records have your test scores, so even a suspicion of superior intelligence can be quickly confirmed.  Joining as an officer may be an acceptable manner to serve your nation but as an enlisted person in a combat situation expect to be deliberately put into a lethal situation with the intent to bring about your termination. The same applies to situations with high risk of injury and even treatment of injury. A VA psychiatrist finally testing me years after going through the Gulf War with an untreated head injury and finding a 40 point drop in mathematical I.Q. Said "You've got nothing to complain about, your score is almost normal." My right arm was paralyzed too but since my left arm was working fine it took the VA 12 1/2 Years to process my disability claim. If you're smart stay away from the military, especially the enlisted ranks!
SmrtGuyUT SmrtGuyUT
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2 Responses May 26, 2012

Hello. Sounds like high intelligence is perceived as a threat. Why would they want to terminate intelligent persons in combat? Sorry you had to go through all that hell.

I was given 1,000 APC (aspirin+) for the constant headaches. 1,000 muscle relaxants for the spinal injury to my neck! Seven newly issued presc<x>riptions for glasses (the blow to my head had broken the zonules that held the lens in my left eye in place), the lens kept moving. Hearing and balance damage to my ear. "Cleared and ready for combat!" BTW The Guard has a program where there is a committee to help with a soldier's family's problems while he is at war. My wife had spinal injuries from an auto accident, had lost her job and was under psychiatric care. The unit vindictively transferred me to a unit in another state where a support committee would be over 1,000 miles away from my ill wife. Real bastards!!!!