Gift Or Curse?

I used to work for a cell phone company doing customer service, when my calls were reviewed by my boss I was told I'm doing a great job but I needed to "dumb down my words!" I couldn't grasp that concept because I was speaking how I speak in my normal everyday life. What I would consider normal my boss, and SOME customers considered it talking down to them, making them feel small. I can't help that my vocabulary wasnt elementary. I struggled with this everyday, even though I helped many customers. It made me feel good that my boss saw my mental capabilities but bad that I was somewhat being hindered and punished by it. I see now why customers get mad and say the previous reps were dumb...they were told to be. I'm always looking to expand my knowledge and vocabulary and I'm happy that I surround myself with people (other than work) who challenge me everyday. Life would be so mundane if we had to always communicate on a 4th grade level.
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Lol yea I try to surround myself with people who aren't content with the status quo....but cant do that@work lol. But wooow ur a scientist! I would pick ur
brain so much u would get tired of me lol

hahaha! Your story fits my life well. I believe in this day in age intelligence is a curse, unless you find the few that have the same desire for education. People are always turned off when they find out I am a scientist. Tisk tisk for pushing your brain to be better!

It's up to you how you deal with your clients. If you weigh up the situation it is possible to use an appropriate level of address, as any well-trained teacher does almost automatically, without sounding condescending. The tone of your voice is independent of the words you use.
You can't help it that some people feel somehow inferior because of what you say, but how you say it can make a big difference. Think of teachers you had in school that you either loved, or hated. It was probably because of an attitude towards you that you detected in their tone.
Good luck.

Very true but I wasn't speaking of tone...yes I'm human n have "went off" on some customers lol however in the situations were I was evaluated it was about word choice. I had already felt I was simplifying my words n that was still an issue a lot of times. I'm very descriptive n I like to keep my customers informed but again being me in this situation was a downfall

thanks for the advice. My whole point in this is to express the fact that I was told to dumb down my words...its very odd to hear that especially@work. Never been told I'm too smart for my own good n it not being meant sarcastically

I agree, an intelligent person should be accepted into using his/her abilities

Thank u.. I thought so too! Its not like I was discussing quantum physics or anything...its a cell phone company lol