I'll Admit It!

I am a relatively intelligent young woman. What's more, I enjoy learning things and am constantly trying to further my understanding of the world around me. And, you know what, I'm not going to apologize for it. Just because I'm good at "connecting the dots" doesn't mean I look down on others or treat them badly. I just wish people would grant me same courtesy. Geez, its not like I walk around using SAT words with seven syllables or brag about the things I know, so gimme a break! I just think its kind of ridiculous that I should have to act stupid to make others feel comfortable. I mean if I walked around using words like eclat in everyday language...I'd get it. But, I don't...so lay off.


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13 Responses Aug 9, 2008

Dont worry .those people are just so insecure in themselves that they have bring you down to make themselves feel adequate. People have always been keen on conforming because it makes them feel part of a whole and accepted. deep down they want to be different like you but dont want to be outcast. So by bringing you down - they have one more person who reminds them of how much they hate themselves

This is very true haha

Well, at least someone gets them, right? LOL :P

I totally feel where you comming from, i have the problem of using "uncool' words, and I often tell and laugh at jokes of a historical and political nature, which to my chagrin, nobody else gets! <br />
<br />
Well its always good going to my honours classes, sometimes they get my jokes :P

Why thank for that boisterous commendation my good friend! LOL... Seriously though, thanks. :)

Hey V!! Go ahead and use eclat as much as you want! Don't let the f*cktards intimidate you into lowering your standards of conversational excellence!

I said I was intelligent Niles...not a typing savant. LOL ;)

Mind your typo's, oh intelligent one! (see your last comment)

What worse is the lengths that the crowd will go to ostracize and intelligent person...simply because they're intelligent.

It's ludicrous, the lengths to which some people go to devaluate their intelligence for the sake of the crowd. Regardless of what society may say, Larry The Cable Guy has never been funny.

Glad to know you approve. ;)

There WMYTIN...title's changed *just* for you (rolling eyes).lol<br />

Jeeez...that's funny. But, I believe it was "I'm not going to pretend. I am a relatively intelligent young woman" <br />
And, if doesn't, it *will* in about two seconds. lol<br />