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Wisen Up!

Ok, so once apon a time I thought I was intellegent! Book-smart, A's in school, medals and awards, ect. Street-smarts? Oh, That was nil to none! And common sense? Yeah, that was ify, too.

One of the greatest paradoxes of life is, the older and wiser I become, the more ignorant I realize I can be! And the role of book smarts v.s. street smarts have reversed with time. Well... at least the common sense has stayed the same! 

I guess the bottom line is: Intellegence is in the Mind of the beholder! =P Ha! Hey, if I can't be a super- intellect, at least I can be witty!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 16 Responses Jul 19, 2007

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Oh dear! where does one begin......<br />
Instinct - That with which you are born, generally genetic<br />
Intelligence - The ability to understand, quantify and compartmentalise information<br />
Intellect - The ability to know the level of your intelligence and apply it appropriately<br />
Education - The formal reception of knowledge<br />
Learning - The discovery of information previously unknown<br />
When the above are applied in the correct context, it may be generally accepted that you are "smart", until then, please stop guessing!

Empirecist, I have a little of all your above list. But I tend to get them scrambled at times, or out of context. And I figure guessing is a part of life, too. Afterall, you have a 1 in 2 shot of getting it correct: Right or Wrong. And sometimes getting it right is nothing but pure luck. And some of the best inventions came out of "getting it wrong". ;)

I have a good amount of intelligence > in many areas of life. <br />
But I am starting to think that having a whole mess of intelligence <br />
is virtually useless unless you can find a way to take the intelligence you <br />
have and make a good living with it. <br />
<br />
I know people who have like major college degrees and so forth but they are like broke living at home with mom and dad paying off student loans. What good is that I say. What good is it to be a genius at say biology or literature and to be working at a convenience store for 8 bucks an hour living with you parents and driving a old ****** car?? <br />
<br />
to me that sucks. Knowledge is really only worthwhile if we can use it to make the quality of our life better and in the modern world that means > Making money.

wow, thats great, intelligence is in the mind of the beholder! never thought of it that way. yeea, i used to be really book smart too, because i wanted to PROVE i was intelligent, but that didn't work out too well after school, when what counts more is street smarts.

I do not quite agree. Quietly I agree......... :)

I like to think my brain is just so full it pushes things out, kind of like the children's book, "The Mitten." I'm waiting for my mind mitten to explode any time now.

PErhaps I'm NOT so naive... I just choose to ignore certain qualities of them... until they hurt me! :O

Actually, I still marvel at how naive you can be about people!

i find what you say to be extremely true. it's one of those things where i've recently realized that i know very little and what i do know is not certain with the exception of death and taxes. *sighs* what happened to us? when i was 17 i knew where everything was, recalled things easily, had the answers to all questions directed toward me, etc. oh well ... i wouldn't go back for any amount of money! lol

I like your story, Emerald! Quite true, and it brought a smile to my face! Have a wonderful day!

ROFL, Luci! Some days it's just SO DARN HARD to be either!

Poor Em! That's what happens when you get the beauty and I get the brains!LOL

Like I tell my son, you can have an IQ of 160, but if you are lazy and don't do your work in school, or do a half *** job, you and I will be the only ones who know you are intelligent.

Heh, this reminds me of the saying "I knew everything at 14 and my father knew nothing. When I talked to him at 21, I was amazed at how much he had learned!"

Uh Oh I am screwed! I am only 24 and finding the keys is the toughest part of my day!

* Em Blushes* I've carried my bank debit card around several months now, unable to use it... I'VE FORGOTTEN MY PIN NUMBER! :(

Many of the true brainiacs I've met were totally clueless about the practical side of life - I mean - they were lucky if they didn't put their underwear on top of their clothes. Intelligence is no guarantee of anything - particularly not happiness. (Indeed, it seems to skew the other way - bright people often traipse over to the dark side.) I had the book smarts, but when it came to the school of hard knocks - let's just say I had to do a lot of remedial work before I knew the score. Then, as the sage Emerald points out, time and tide knocks the edge off intellect until remembering where one left the car keys is a major project. At this point I know less every day, and virtually nothing for certain, but at least what I do know is worth knowing. However, I'm dreading the day when I walk up to that automatic teller and blank out on my PIN number. I figure when that happens, it's Eskimo time - put me on a little island of ice and let me drift away.