So Why Do I Mess Up On Simple Things?

I'm supposed to have about 140 IQ based on the SATs, but that was years ago, and I studied for it... probably would really get about 130 (1300) now.  I've learned more words and forgotten a LOT of math.  I can still read at a highly educated level, although I still can't read a whole article in Scientific American and understand it all.  I'm not good at Sudoku puzzles, but am pretty good with crosswords and Scrabble, and fearsomely good at jumbled word puzzles... like that matters!  It's good for a few minutes of thinking I'm intelligent anyway.  :)  And I'm creative--if there's something I need, for instance around the house, before I get around to going out and buying one, I usually think of a substitute I can make from something I already have.

But in everyday life, lots of other people seem to make fewer mistakes than I do.  I forget things, for example, although that's not really about intelligence, is it?  I keep on being late for most things that have a definite time to be there... I either underestimate how long it'll take me to get ready, or if I remember that I do that and start getting ready far ahead of time, I figure I have plenty of time and go so slowly that I wind up being late anyway.  Sheesh!

I think it takes more than the IQ kind of intelligence, to live in such a way that people think you're smart.

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Being intellectual and socially smart are two entirely different things. I'm much like you and despite the fact that I was once capable of being on time, I now find myself late or later REGARDLESS when I begin preparing and for the same reasons as you ...<br />
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I prefer to be intellectual and socially inept than to be the reverse ... I don't much care to let people down so, it's just easier the way it is - being a loner and avoiding most social interaction that requires I be there at a certain time. <br />
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Now when we're talking doc appointments and such ... I still can't make it on time ... I try and I try but to no avail ... How the heck can someone fail no matter what they attempt and how good their intentions are? GEEZ! hehe

Thanks... I think.

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