A Lump

My 14 year old grand daughter is enrolled, in a Police program that educates teens on local procedures.

She made the local papers, as it shows a picture, of her, wearing dark sunglasses and trying to walk a straight line, in front of a cop (to simulate drunkedness).  It shows her stumbling a little bit.  LOL

Well anyway, they had this exercise where two teenage girls were to simulate a "drunk-driving" arrest.

My grand daughter was to be the car's driver and she had a concealed knife in her right pocket.  The arresting officer, another teen girl, was only armed with a flashlight.

Well, the "mama bear" pulled her over, and my grand daughter was reluctant to expose her right hand.

The police officer than said, "Please place both your hands on the steering wheel ma'am!"

Instead of doing so, my grand daughter suddenly pulled out her weapon, which startled the arresting officer, very much.  She was, "freaked-out" to say the least.

When the knife was exposed the lady cop then hit the driver in the head, with the flashlight.

Poor Alexis then had to go to school, with a lump on her forehead.

On March 9th, the Friday, before my birthday (March 10th), she will be on patrol with a cop, from 10pm until 2am.

It's a fortunate time as the bars don't empty out until just after that.

She will probably have some tales, to tell, about that experience, and I can hardly wait to hear what she'll have to say.

Heck, if she could phone me on her cellphone, I would hop in my Red Corvette, so she could see her grandpa getting arrested.

Perhaps she will be a cop someday, and make her grandpa very proud. 

The community action lady cops here drive nice 4x4 vehicles.



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Great Story! My cousins teenage son did something similar at his highschool. They staged a drunk driving accident in front of the school. They made his injuries look real and even flew in a nightengale helicopter to fly air lift him to the hospital. It was on the local news here and everything. A lot of his friends and classmates were really freaked out. They even had my cousin (his mother) show up at the hospital and some of his friends showed up of course the kids being told it was all real. They staged the whole thing so well that my cousin said it was a bit creepy even for her and she knew the whole thing was staged from the beginning.

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