Am I a Genius? No


I think everyone and anyone can be intelligent. Have I got a PhD under my belt? No. Do I know the meaning of life? No. Most of my intelligence lies in creativity. My writing, my own interest in literature but am I Shakespeare? No.  My music, what I express through it. But am I Beethoven? No. I'm perceptive I can read people, I'm quite good at understanding people does that mean I know what's going on in every ones head all the time? No ofc not.

Wisdom, I think is the greatest form of intelligence it is what shapes your life. I've heard people who are classed as "stupid" say the most whimsical things ever and have made me think more than all my teachers put together.



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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

My pops always stressed wisdom over intelligence and I've always held that close to heart. How right you are. :)

this is a great story-thanks