Seeing Is Believing

late one night around 3am a friend and myself were crashed out in my car we had been working on all day in the back yard of a mates house. I remember looking over at my friend to see if he was awake or if I was just talking to myself when I noticed the leading edge of the craft in the passenger side window. It was hovering above the car and then into full veiw. imediately I began yelling look look and my friend woke and was flailing his arms around, all I could do was say look and point in the direction of the craft. but my friend was looking at me instead of out the window. I watched as the craft made its way over the neighbours five foot fence. I then got out of the car and climbed onto the hood for a better vantage, there it was less than ten feet away, At this distance it seemed dangerous but I was in awe. The craft itself was around thirty feet across ten high, looked very sleek and was completely ingulfed in a green gas to about a metre from its surface. I could see the gas wisping off into the surrounding atmosphere the disk had no distinguishing features within the gas other than its size and shape. the light intencity was like being face to face with a green traffic light not too extreeme, but not at all pleasant either. no sound seemed evident at all. It's flight path was very erattic, the craft never seemed to maintain the same direction height or speed. At one point I had the most uneasy feeling of being observed and commented on by whatever entities were on board, so I waved at the craft and as a result it moved slowly across four rear yards were it seemed to hide behind a large gum tree, It had the strangest effect of illuminating that tree and also making the leaves flutter back and forth. It stayed in that position for around 30 seconds before heading in a northerly direction between two homes. at one point it completely disappeared for a second only to reappear about a metre ahead of itself. then it drifted downward and out of sight. I did consider climbing onto the roof of the house but realised it to be to dangerous. I hope you like this encounter story It was the most amazeing thing to witness, changed my veiws on reallity oh and I almost forgot to mention that my friend did'nt see a thing he was under the impression there was a spider running around in the car and I think it strange he did'nt see anything throughout the two minuet sighting!

26-30, M
Mar 11, 2012