New York City

This incident was the clearest, closest and biggest ufo ive ever seen. it was huge maybe about the size of a football field. it was hovering directly over the rooftops about a block away from my house. i went on my deck around 10 pm and looked to my right nd it looked like a huge blimp, but for a blimp to fly that low (nearly touching the rooftops) is far too dangerous and would have crashed. the entire thing was lit up but the lights would sometimes flicker in sections and would light up almost in a pattern. the lights werent like a bunch of tiny lightbulbs but more like whole panels or sheets of light on the craft. i stood watching it hover for about 10 minutes. i knew that the minute i went inside to grab my camera it would be gone. i called my brother and my mother outside they both saw it and we all agreed its not man made. finally i said "other people need to see this" so i ran in to get my camera. and of course when i went back out within 15 seconds the craft was gone.
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Would have luv to see a pic~ Figures! lol

Too bad you couldn't get a picture of it, what did your mom and brother say they saw when you came back with the camera?

Interesting. What Year and Month? Was this in New York? I get to wondering if there is kind of ESP with the ETs of this (?), they seem to want anonymous recognition and knowing a picture was pending. They had to disappear. Maybe even cloak themselves. (?)

it happened around mid november 2011. it was in the town of bulls head in staten island, ny around 10 ish at night. about a mile outside of downtown manhattan. i agree they leave or hide when they know we are trying to photograph/record them. ive seen them cloak themselves only while a plane is passing then reappear when the plane is gone. sneaky things!