Ufo Stories

i posted a story here about my ufo sighting and noticed a lot of interest in this topic so would like to hear your stories on the subject.

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the one i saw made no noise at all..

Now, I did not see any lights or anything else. No engine noise, just the humming.

interesting did you see any lights?

Around 1970, my wife and I were driving along a really isolated area on the Kentucky/Tennessee (USA ) border around midnight with 3 children asleep in the back seat. Something came down and hovered over us making a loud humming sound so strong that the whole car was vibrating. At least what I could hear over my wife's screaming."Don't stop, Don't stop" It stayed with us for about 3 minutes and a couple of miles. We never did see anything. This was before helicopters became more common and the sound was not an engine sound, just a hum. Have never found an explanation.<br />
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hi taralynn65 you can find it here<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=492306" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e...</a>

Can u tell ur UFO story again? I can't seem to find it.