I Miss Him Suckling

My nursing relationship recently ended with an amazing gentleman who I loved nursing and as much he loved being nursed. I loved the way he would curl up next to me and take my breast in his mouth.... I could feel the little milk I have to share let down and he would often make me *** just from suckling me. He was such a giver and would nurse for extended periods of time and in an evening would seek them more then once and I loved sharing with him each and every time. When I knew we were getting together I would yern to share with him.

During our sharing period my breasts were responding to him in such a positive way. I now have fuller nipples which I personally love. My nipples have completly changed shape and are definitely wider which is amazing to me. But now I look at my breasts daily and see those full nipples and have a constant reminder of the bonding moments we have shared nursing and I miss them very much!
lilsassafrass lilsassafrass
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5 Responses May 8, 2012

I wish I could find a relationship like this in my life, I'd love to be someone's suckle partner.

That's a nice feeling I'm sure. Have you ever found another suckler?

Say to me that you are in London and you would no regret it!!!!

That's great you was able to share that intimate bonding. I fantasize much about getting in such a anr. I imagine it both relaxing and exciting at the same time and I'd LOVE to suckle your breasts for extended time. I'd LOVE to give you several ******* just of suckling your wonderful breasts. I guess that would reward me even more than the suckling itself, to know that you get so much pleasure you ******.

i will continue with yours if you do mine...miss those long drain thrills