I grew up watching, listening to, getting taught by and learning from Aesop Fables, Superbook, and other inspirationally impacting forms of entertainment. Children's entertainment is not what it used to be anymore. What had teachings of loving and helping others just because and not for gain now has fake or real violence, hatred, criminal behavior, forced presence of equality so as not to infer inequality to others, an abuse of the "don't judge me" concept to allow basically anything in existence now, even on certain networks or in life.

Our society as a human race has changed so much over the years. People even show greater cares of caring for animals than people then get mad when other people don't reach out and help them out.

If Aesop Fables returned, I am sure with the way our society has evolved in real life and on the screens, that many would find problems with it. Many are embracing hate-filled tactics nowadays moreso than love-filled tactics, using again the "don't judge me" and "lesser evil" concepts.

I actually never understood the "lesser evil" concept. If you know something is wrong, don't coddle it. Because whoever is doing it will think it is okay to do it. Having a problem with something and not allowing it doesn't mean love isn't there, but the wrongdoers want the others to believe it's that way: "If you love me, you'll be okay with me doing this and if not, then you are judging me."

So much has happened and caused an explosion of emotional chaos. All stemming from people abusing the love others have and overstepping the boundaries by taunting "Don't judge me!" when in fact they know they are not being judged. They just want to live their lifestyle choice not thinking of the feelings of others, but yet these same people have to care when the law or whoever wants to hurt them.

If you want to make a lifestyle choice, first think of if you can handle ANY consequences that rise from your decision. If not, maybe the issue isn't you being judged but in you loving yourself enough to spread the love to others. Everyone in existence experienced or experiences ripple effects from someone else's words and actions. Even if the acting person didn't know you. It's how society evolves.

Decisions made in a moment affect not just you but the future around you.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Dec 14, 2012