Vidya Is Back

I would like to inform you about an incident occurred with me and my neighbour Vidya. I usually call her Vidya aunty. She once gave her lovely nectar jars to me. (I was caught by her mother for trying to steal her milk::Refer the story ‘Caught in the Act’ ). She is a feeding mother and she has a lovely baby. Her husband has a supermarket and is usually out of station. I am the one to look after her and her kid at night while he was away.
I’ve always been addicted to milky breasts. But, I was not in a mood to go near Vidya aunty and plead her to lend me her breasts. So I didn’t caught hold of her **** later. I usually walk to her house at night and come back in the morning. She seemed to forget about feeding me and she didn’’t even mentioned or shown any remarks about that night. She was very friendly and I wasn’t bored with her company.
One evening, as I reached her house, the front door was open and I entered the house. She wasn’t there in the drawing room. I slowly walked towards her bedroom. The door was half open and I looked inside the room and froze!!.... Vidya aunty was standing there changing her dress. A rose saree was at her feet and she was now wearing a beautiful rose blouse and rose underskirt. She didn’t saw me and I feeling some guilt and some attraction, backed off from the door. I stood sideways by the door and my mind itched to have another look. I slowly peeped through the door. She was now removing her blouse and my eyes lavishly and hungrily caught sight of her milky white breasts in a cute bra. Watching her, my mind urged to run to her breasts and engulf them in my mouth. Vidya aunty brought her hands to her back and unhooked her bra. She took the bra off and I had a mad and vigorous desire to reach her.
She turned to the cupboard and took a new bra and a red nighty. Vidya aunty put those on and I ran to the front door. As she came out of her room , I entered the hall like I have just arrived. She smiled at me and asked how am I feeling. I replied:”Fine....But feeling little depressed”. “Depressed? Why?”She asked.”Don’t know....”.She left the room leaving a curious expression on her face. She came back after few minutes with a cup of tea and handed it to me. I started to drink and the child began to cry(was sleeping till then). Vidya aunty enterd her room and she took the child . I had the image of her breastfeeding the kid and I slowly moved to her room. I peeped through the door. She was sitting in the bed with the kid on her lap. One hand was patting the child while the other hand was moving to the zip of her nighty. I saw the nighty moving away and her hand uncovering her breast from the bra. The kid was slowly moved to the nipple and it caught her *** hungrily. She started sucking it hard and Vidya aunty fondled her child. There was very much affection and love in her eyes.
She lazily turned her head towards the door and as I was in an enchanted mood, I forgot to fall back. Vidya aunty noticed my presence. She smiled beautifully and I moved away from the door. Few seconds,passed and I heard a voice ”Aby...,Are you there?” “Yes”.”Come in Aby...come”. She called in a medium voice. I was not sure whether to enter her room or not. But still, I moved inside the room and she pointed me to take the chair and have a seat. I sat down and watched the kid.she was working so fast with her tiny lips and hand. One hand of the child was touching here and there on her breast. That small hand was surveying her chest, her cleavage and her abdomen. I watched this and my mind was aching.
Soon the child stopped drinking from her mother and Vidya covered her chest and placed the child back in her cradle.
Vidya aunty was looking at me, smiling. “Aby, do you remember that night? The one I had you on my chest entire night?”. “Yes, How can I forget that night.” I replied, excitement tremendously building inside my mind. She mentioned about that night for the first time after these long months. I was waiting for her to invite me to her chest.“I gave you my husband’s shirt in the morning, right?”She asked. “Yes” I didn’t understood the significance of a shirt at this time. “I want it back, Aby”. She said with a naughty smile on her face. I was dumbstruck. I thought she is going to call me to her breast instead she asked for her hubby’s bloody shirt.....****....!!!
I stayed there for a while and slowly rose from my seat. “I will give it to you” I began to make way to the door. She was sitting on the bed and I reached near the door. Suddenly, I heard a laughter and I turned in my heels. She was smiling at me and still smiling, she opened her hands wide callind me to her chest. She nodded her head slightly inviting me.
I ran to her hands and landed on her chest. The force of the collision was so large that we both fell on to the bed. She patted my head and slowly unzipped her gown and took out the nectar jar from her bra. She directed my head to her lovely *** and I was mad and started vigorous sucking. She moaned loud and responded to it. She held me tight to her body and we continued in that position for several minutes. As my suckling rate reached somewhat calm, she turned to the side and I was now sideways to her. She pulled the blanket over us and switched off the lights. I sucked her slowly and steadily and her hands were fondling my hair and she held me close to her body. I felt the heat of her body. Time passed and slowly we drifted into sleep
In he morning, I woke up and saw her next to me and her lovely *** still in my mouth. She slowly opened her eyes and in them I saw little shy and more affection. I started to suck her again and she stayed in the same position till i stopped sucking and she got up put back her bra zipped her nighty ,combed her hair and stood up. She lowered her head towards me(sitting on the bed) and granted a sweet kiss on my forhead. I embraced her around the waist and rested my head on her chest.She held me with her right hand and her left hand was caressing my hair.
I kissed her chest and stoodup and gave kiss on her forhead and thanked her for letting me on her chest once more. She smiled and said“I really enjoyed last night, thanks Aby”. I smiled and slowly walked away...............

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Can I suck your auntys lovely breast in saree

its real stoty?

It is really a good story..
I like it..