Milky Boobs

My neighbors husband is married to a flat chested wife. I can't help but notice how every time he sees me he can't help but stare at my huge rack. Now I'm sure I'm somewhat to blame, as I love to wear shelf bras which only makes my 34DDD's even more in your face and makes my nipples that much more pronounced. Being a single mom, Dave is always willing to help me with stuff around my house or yard that I find hard to do myself. Well, a few weeks ago, my garage door was giving me a hard time. I was trying to reprogram my remote and was up a ladder in my garage trying to pair it with the main unit.
"Need some help?" I looked at Dave and smiled, "oh yes please, this thing is driving me nuts!" As I started climbing back down the ladder, Dave extended his hand to help me and accidentally brushed my nipple which immediately sprung to attention. Dave couldn't help but stare and of course that made the other nipple hard as a rock too. I knew he was a breast man at that point. He climbed the ladder, found the pairing button and did something with my remote. "Want a beer?" I asked... Dave said sure, and so I went in the house and grabbed two. As I was coming back out to the garage the door was closing. "Oh, you did it! thank you so much" I beamed at him and handed him the beer. As he reached out to take the beer his fingers grazed my nipple and I giggled. Dave set the beer down and before I knew it had yanked down my tank top exposing my huge breast and erect nipple. "Holy sh it! What kind of bra is that? It has no cup!!!" I just laughed sticking my chest in his face and Dave needed no further encouragement.
He opened his mouth and enveloped as much of breast and nipple into his mouth as he could and started sucking powerfully, his hand around the base, squeezing kind of hard.
I got this electricy tingle between my legs at the naughtiness of the situation and put my hands on the back of Dave's head pulling him closer. With that, Dave yanked down the other side of my tank top and his right hand started squeezing my breast and rolling my nipple between his thumb and finger, almost painfully. I let out a gasp. Dave pulled his head off and looked at me. "Oh you like that don't you baby", he tweaked both my nipples really hard and I whimpered and smiled. Even though it hurt, it felt really good at the same time. Dave started sucking on my right t it, so much so, that I couldn't help it, I came. My p ussy was twitching so violently I started convulsing and Dave realized it. He scooped me up in his arms, carried me into my house and put me on the couch. Then he laid his head in my lap and latched on to my right breast, long steady powerful sucks. Needless to say I came again. Dave has been coming over every day now for 3 weeks and after I took my shower this morning and got dressed, I noticed a small wet patch on my shirt. Oh my god, my milk had come in!!!!
I couldn't wait to tell Dave later, when he came over!!!

(To be continued)
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Soooo Erotic!!

Where'd you find a shelf bra that accomodates DDDs? I'm one size bigger and always see comments that most of that style bra are okay up to DD.

Wow this story made my mouth water. Love your postings

Where the hell are these women?

Right here!!!! :)

Wow, thank you so mutch for sharing with us..i look forward for the second part.......I wish i can be your neighbor Jean-Pierre XXX

Your lucky to have a neighbor so willing to help