I Wish I Had An Anr Partner!

My husband doesn't like the idea of me squirting my milk filled breasts into his mouth. It's so erotic, primal and instinctual to want to nurse a hungry, thirsty, eager mouth, but he disagrees. I'm so happy to have a community of people who understand the need to fulfill these raw, sensual urges. I'm unable to be a milk maid in person, so I'm living out my fantasies by posting videos and pictures on my website www.milfylove.com... where I can imagine the camera is an open waiting mouth as I spray my milk into it. It's such a shame to see all of that delicious milk wasted! Mmm! My milk tingles and I get wet just thinking about it...
MilfyLove MilfyLove
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6 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Your husband doesn't know what he's missing!

If you were near Houston I'd come nurse you every day while hubby was at work.


There are plenty that agree with you!


I also miss milfy milk :)

Oops! I'm not sure what that is :)

I do wish you were able to share .......... it would be wonderful!!