Revelations, Is It For Real?

I have had so many dreams regarding bible prophecy, I feel on edge just divulging them to anybody.  .I have had dreams of the mark of the beast and.the sea of glass.  Victorious christians clothed in their white robes dance and play musical instruments on it. They sing songs of both victory, and praise, unto the Lord God Almighty. I have dreamt of heaven and hell.  Jesus coming in the clouds.Jesus,angels and deceased relatives appear to me in dreams.

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8 Responses Feb 25, 2010

He christ will come back,and what a dreadful day for those who are not be left on earth qhen heaven and christ are waiting. See you. Think about it.

I'm not surprised that your having these dreams. We are now soooo close to the fullfillment of these prophecies that one can almost reach out and touch them.

I believe revelation is 100% real, as is the rest of God's word. It's uncanny how some things have played out already.

Thanks for the information.

It is so true.

Prophecy, dreams and visions are some of the most wonderful gifts there is. There is a lot to be learned from your dreams and visions. Mail me if you want to talk with somebody that feels the same way you do.<br />
God Bless

i dont worry, but Christ is coming back physically,( in his perfect timing), like a thief in the nigfht he will come for the elect. The livng and dead, in a twinkling of an eye, he will gather His body the church. If you read the bible you will know what Im talking about.

I would not worry ,god isn't coming back ,he is already here