Buddhism Changed My Life

About 6yrs ago i became interested in Buddhism and began practicing shortly there after. I was always a compassionate giving person, always willing to lend someone a helping hand if needed. So as i learned more about the Buddhist practice i realized I somewhat naturally fit in with this practice. After some years of practice now,I realize how much Buddhism has affected my life and made me a more peaceful, serene person much more capable of dealing with life and all it's obstacles. Not only has it changed my life,but also my view of death, and the interconnectedness of all things. Even before becoming a Buddhist I was a believer in Karma, but after beginning my practice I gained a much deeper realization of the concept and I am more aware of how important it is to "do the right thing" in any given situation. Buddhism may not be a practice you find helpful, but it changed my life!

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I have been practicing Buddhsm for a couple days as a response to a very difficult situation I was in. After three days of pratcice, I cannot believe how strong and confident I have become. My mind stopped wandering and has reached a silent peaceful focus. I am very decided to continue this practice since many other religious concepts failed to help me.

To practice Buddhism is to be Buddhism. Just that simple.

Realization of the value of Buddhism is the best thing happened in my life... I mean I realized the true Buddhism around the age of 15 but I mastered it when I was at the University. The more I learned about the day-to-day phenomena of life, world and universe the more the Buddhism was solidified... and also the Buddhist meditation is a real meditation of troubled mind... I'm a living example... it helped me to handle my stress and disappointment. And the best part of Buddhism is that you dont need to adapt into a different culture to practice Buddhism... Buddhism is a fr<x>amework of life and you just need to apply it to your life to see the results... you can be who you are.... u can be a British Buddhist, Jewish Buddhist, Australian Buddhist or anyone... no nationality, colour or language associated.... I still celebrate Christmas while practicing Buddhism... let me tell you that regardless of your religion, your faith Buddhism is a tool you can make use of to be a better follower of the religion you follow...

Listne to Ven Ajahn Brahm's talks, <br />
www.bswa.org<br />
<br />
its simple but very deep, to my understaning he is the most wisdom person i ever met.

If you know a website for Gautama Siddhartha, please let me know. I like your statement about Wisdom cannot be transmitted by words, but gained through experience. I listen to a lot of people that have experienced what I am about to encounter.

The practice of Buddhism exists for the happiness of each individual and the fostering of world peace.The practice helped me during a troubled time this year. The practice help me understand the situation and in a way the solution, so I give a lot of correct to its practice. However, while reading the SOKA GAKKAI Int'l (SGI), I realized some of the practice and belief are hard to work with. I receive the monthly news letter, World Tribune, and glad it is in English, because I cannot read the verses of the Lotus Sutra nor the practice of Nichiren Buddhism because they are in Japanese writing. Interpretation is left to group leaders.<br />
Alos, I believe that members depend so much on their President, Daisaku Ikeda (president of SGI), that some day, when he dies, people will be in termail again, until a new president is selected. I believe the SGI is looking for a figure they can honor for life, like the christains who has Jesus.