Life, health and happiness are all about mind. Our thoughts make us happy or miserable. The present moment is beautiful, if only we could stay in here. How is to bring Mindfulness into our daily lives?
Practice step-by-step:
1. Choose one meal that you're going to eat mindfully. Don't read, don't talk, just enjoy the meal, feel the texture, smell and taste.
2. When walking, concentrate on steps, your breathing, your posture...
3. When waiting in the traffic, or sitting in the public transport, take a few moments and concentrate on yourself. How are you doing right now mentally, physically, emotionally? Are you relaxed or tense? Take your attention to the breath - count 10 cycles - "inhale - exhale"
4. What are you thinking about most of the day? Are you in the past or rushing in the non-existing future? Observe your thoughts first, and it will be easy to control the emotional state.
5. Be gentle, loving and kind with yourself. Do not punish yourself repeatedly for "mistakes" in your thoughts. Nourish your body.
6. Practice yoga every day. It takes no time! Try 10 minutes AM Yoga from Exercise TV. It is Free and refreshing: http://www.exercisetv.tv/workout-videos/cardio/am-yoga-0593#
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