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You Know You’re From The Valleys When......

You know at least 10 "Dai's"

You have to explain what "togs" are and more importantly what "daps" are

You've suddenly realised that you are 10p short for the Severn bridge

"Fi'n hoffi coffi" does not mean fluency in Welsh

You've bumped into someone you know on your holidays in the Costa del sol

Conversations with Indian call centre workers do not end well

You support any team that plays against England

You know at least one person who claims they were in school with either Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins, Ioan Gryffudd or Catherine Zeta-Jones

You wince when you see a Welsh person making a plonker of themselves on TV and they usually have the strongest Welsh accent ever

That coat is indeed my jacket

You raise a small cheer when you see the "Croeso i Gymru" on the M4 or Welcome to Wales – as you come down the hill from Ross into Monmouth.

You're a fluent Welsh speaker but turn the pamphlet/leaflet over and read the English version

You last name is one of the following: Williams, Bevan, Llewellyn, Morgan, Rees, Powell, Howell, Davies, Lewis, Thomas, Jones, Griffiths, Morris, Evans, James, Roberts, Jenkins or Owen

When you go abroad you have to explain to people where Wales is... and that it is not a part of England

You can name all the celebrities that have any connection to Wales

Hugh Pugh, Max Boyce and Derek the Weatherman are all TV personalities you recognize

You know who exactly Aneurin Bevan is and what exactly he is famous for

A village/town 3 miles away is described locally as being just around the corner or just down the road

You don't know the surnames of any of you friends, you refer to them instead as Dai the Milk, Will the shop, Ron Top Road, or Mark Ty-Draw

You remember watching Ivor the Engine, Will Quack Quack, Sam Tan and Super Ted

A butty is your mate not a sandwich

The word "Never" is used on a daily basis and everything "does my head in"

You've used the phrase "I'll be there now in a minute" on several occasions

Proper, Cwtch, Tidy, Potch, Dap, and Courting are daily used phrases

roots2life roots2life 46-50, M 2 Responses Mar 11, 2012

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Oh I love the Welsh! The only time I went to Wales was way back in the early sixties on a pony trekking holiday through the Welsh mountains. Boy, was that a hilarious time! Beautiful country. Must be hard to be attached to England though and in denial that you are part of it! Ha Ha!

This went right over my head.