New To Buddhism

Hi all,
I came to buddhism quite recently...I had tried other spiritual paths mainly pagan and had been a christian in. Both a small church and a large British cult. In the latter I endured a lot of rejection that left me hurt..I had been trying to find meaning in christianity again.. But it didn't sit with me & I always landed up in tears coz of the emotional scars..Yet I watched my partner quietly and peacefully light her candles and chanting..One day after I had been upset again by an old church song she enquired 'have u ever thought about buddhism' and I said yes..I had indeed tried the local library for books and even been confused by the selection online..I asked if she would teach me and so my journey began..
I still have a lot to learn especially the Pali language which to a Brit is quite hard to get my tongue around lol..however she has bought me books and I am determined to study this beautiful religion in which I have found peace..nothing is more inspiring to me than Lord Bhudda's word!
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Im, so glad u have a good dhamma friend (kalayana mitta) who is helping you with pali, I can say u came into buddhism on the right track. Buddhism is simple, keep the basic precepts, develop concentration and insight, and you will be enlightened! lol

How's it going? I am trying to position myself to do the same.