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I realize how little anyone knows about different religions.  maybe if we could all take some time to get to know each other better, we may find we have some common ground and maybe we can get on with our lives.  I know so little of Buddhism.  If there is a Buddhist out there who can shed some light for us, please feel free.  I'd rather learn it here than from wikipedia.

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i am practicing buddhism. @ peaceweapon, it is perfect (lol). i am not religious, i am not spiritual, buddhism isnt about either of those, it is about mental cultivation. In buddhism, good and bad are wholesome/skillful, unwholesome/unskillful, and indeterminate. These refer to the means, or action via the three modes of mental action, verbal action, and bodily action, all backed by intention. Just as there is a good way, or a bad way to accomplish anything, so to there is a good way and a bad way to act. We are training the mind with every act, we can train it in good skillful ways which are of benefit, or we train it in unskillful ways which are of detriment. buddhism is not about belief at all, it is inviting to verification, to be seen here and now via insight. believing ideas is just for intellectual entertainment and is not pertinent to experience of the present moment (which is where all the action is at). i was raised catholic, and couldn't be brought to believe on command, one of the things i found alluring about buddhism is the 'come and see' approach, rather than 'believe or burn' approach of Catholicism. buddhsim also is centered around the attainment of liberation via ones own efforts by erradication of the mental defilements, a subject no western religion i know of would even try to touch. ok, i will wrap this up, i could go on for

Maybe the problem with this discussion lies in semantics. Spirituality is not religion specific. I know that's how this discussion started, but let's get beyond it, and hopefully forget our prejudices in the process. Right and wrong, good and bad... whatever. Seriously...

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - the NSA Buddhism chant - it helps me put my brain outta gear when it goes too fast.<br />
It means, "Devotion to the law of cause and effect through sound". I became a Buddhist and it changed my life in so many ways. I'm not a practicing Buddhist at this point in time - but I love it. I too studied many religions over the years - was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, have had my own church and studied comparative religion in college for a semester or two. Eastern philosophy is so comforting as opposed to Christianity for me. I'm not much of a joiner anymore - like my home and my spiritual life here.

Major props to every on this forum for an open mind and an open heart.<br />
One thing I know for sure, people are real.

Does it have to be good and bad? I prefer degrees of right on wrong, and all different depending on the person judging. The environment just does not go wither ways; it goes every way it can and makes no consideration on whether it is right or if it is wrong. If I'm arguing with someone I am close to , they often end with 'So I'm to blame?' that I say "Does anyone have to be blamed?"<br />
The basis of 'good' and 'bad', positive and negitive is just not the world I see.

It's not about "following" any specific religions, but about having an understanding of their basis. There is a polarity to most religious beliefs - a "good," or positive, and a "bad", or negative. One cannot exhist without the other and one relies on the other. It's the balance that all religions seek that is the common ground. I want to understand that - and **** the politics...

Is it good to know about religions? I want to know about ways of thinking rather then spiritual beliefs. How does following Buddhism affect the world as you know it?

I'm spiritual, but not religious (there is an experience with that name). I "studied" in my free times the basis for many religions. I was raised catholic, but I'm now just a believer in Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, the Spirits of the Nature, the Spirits of the divine, our Spirit Guides, Angels, and most of all the Deity (the one all major religions call "God").<br />
I didn't just mix all of them up. I searched common grounds to find out the true spirituality connecting them, tried to erase all the artificialisms created to organize the religions, and find out for myself the true spirituality, my own inner spirituality! Because "how could there be only one Path? We are all different souls, there should be as many different paths!"<br />
And you know what I found out? Eastern religions are those closest to the original spirituality, the complex and self-searching spirituality to reach God... and specially Buddhism, the one I admire the most.<br />
Buddhism may not be perfect, but it teaches so much about ourselves, about how we must seek inside ourselves instead of outside, in churches listening to unbreakable dogmas, doing meaningless routine rituals... Instead, those rituals must be done with an open heart, meaningful, and the only way is to search for the truth inside!<br />
That's one thing the Buddhism taught me! :)

I think all religions have something good that I could take from but I don't like any organized religion. Not one I could agree with totally. I like to be a free thinker and I think human kindness is most important.

I'm not Buddhist, but I can totally relate. If we could erase all the "religions", "personalities", and "beliefs", and get to know each other as basic "people", and accepting each other FIRST as such, this world would be a much better place!