I Lived In a Zen Center For a Few Years

There are many forms of Buddhism. They differ considerably. Some are more like a religion. Others are more of a practice. I lived in a Zen Center for a few years. I can tell you about that.

All belief systems are interpreted through the eyes of the individual practitioner. To me, buddhism basically explained that 'Life is suffering', which made sense at the time.

I think most people seek new ideas and belief systems because they have big questions and some degree of suffering.

Buddhism also teaches that this suffering is caused by our thinking and that the Buddha found a solution to this suffering and so can anyone else.

The Zen style has people work towards finding their own answers through meditation practice and other practices. I think it is a lovely practice. It basically gives you the time, opportunity, prompts and help to understand some of the ways the mind works so as to not get tripped up by thinking.

If more people meditated regularly, the world would be a place with more mediatators!!!!

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internalarts-Learning how my mind works and how I can trip up and create my own suffering was a lession that has helped me greatly.<br />
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MadMorrigan-You do not need to eat the whole apple in order for it to nourish you.<br />
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Part of what I have been taught is that the Buddha did not want his teachings to be simply believed through simple faith. His lessons and beliefs were to be tested by his followers. He wanted people to test his teachings for themselves in order for them to fully understand the truth of this life. I think you will find that most of his teachings have to deal with this world, here and now. Learning what the causes of suffering are and how to deal with them in your own life can lead to a much more fufilling and happy life.