Prince Siddharthur Gautama gave up his privileged life and embraced the life of an aesthete. He wore rags, and begged for his meals.

He taught those who would listen to him to question everything. Enquire into everything you are told, so that you test out what you hear.

It is a wise thing to question life, because in doing so you will not be defeated by its uglinesses.

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I admire those who live their lives in accordance with Buddhist ideals.

Thank you for sharing this, sister.:-)

Research a little on a man named Umar Ibn Khattab ull love him even more

Companion of the Prophet?

yes but that wasnt all he was. He was a leader, the person who gave the world social system, policing, child welfare, he was the reason for the fall of superpowers of that day and so much more
and a fun fact, he used to be one of the worst opposers of the prophet

Does he compare with the Buddha?

Budha no
Search for Abu Bakr if you want someone like budha
Umar was more of a man who believed in taking a stand while Abu Bakr was a man who was wise and compassionate

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