I have been interested in woodland living since I was about 10, and a huge fan of Ray Mears for years. I finally got to experience a taste of it myself last summer when I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of Woodsmoke's courses.

Being able to produce fire by friction is an incredible experience. !!


More on this later!

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

Ray Mears is really good at bushcraft and i have been watching his show on discovery channel.He has many great ideas and he knows what he doing and what he talk about too.I have been intressted in bushcraft since i was a kid too and i have canoeing,hiking in the mountains and it is something i really love to do alot.But i wish i knew more about bushcrafting than i do.And yes i have some experience and i feel free when i´m outdoors and do what i want to do.Now i have joined the boy scouts as a leader and that gives me more ideas and i want to know more about surviving in the woods and i want to go a course in bushcraft to learn more.That is really good knowledge to have you can use it where ever you are.