Very Personal

I would like the opinion of a 3rd person looking into my situation for the very 1st time, so u will unbiased towrds the participants in my story. Regardless of how I ended up divorced, please here me out. I would not admit to anyone this but yes I do still love my exhusband. He left home last year in september.

Now, to the story. I just recently moved out of our marital home. Into an apartment H204. H is the 1st letter of my married last name. I didnt pick this H204 room no., it was assigned to me. Im back in school, housing this dorm room no. I just founf out tonight that my exhuband moved into an apartment in May, 204 prefix.

Is this CJ synchronicity? Theory of relativity? Or is this just me being the hopeless, obssessed, crazy romantic woman that I am, reading to much into the coincedence, just apophenia?

please respond, & please do not give my any love advice, we are divorced. Venus is retrograde right now, no point in looking back right now, im going back to school & this is my new life w/o him & I do think its best considering his temper. Thanks for ur concern anyway.

Minako Minako
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2007

It sounds like a textbook case of Carl Jung synchronicity. Often people experience more powerful and obvious synchronicities in times of great change in their lives. I would read his book Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principal. It's a great read!

Not sure about the CJ part. But the power of the mind is definitely a crazy thing. We have a lot of influence on our reality. There is no such thing as a concidence.

I sure don't know Jung well enough to know if this fits his idea of syncrhonicity. It seems like it would. It strikes me though that Jung would, with his work on the Shadow side, see that synchronicity in more ways than just a simple token of a possible future with your ex. Perhaps it's a reminder that the world will be full of coincidences and reminders that evoke your ex, even as you have your own place now to go to.