Will Be Majoring In Clinical Psy

I'm currently trying to get through my Psychology degree. From there I plan to major in clinical psychology. I can't even begin to explain my interest in the area. And I couldn't imagine studying or being more interested in anything else.
My interests lie in people, human behaviour, cognitive functions, mental illness - behavioural, emotional and personality disorders.
When and if I complete post-grad clinical, I'm not exactly sure where I'll go from there. I know that I have a strong desire for rehabilitation of sufferers of mental illnesses. I'm a great empathiser, and wan hurt, sad and troubled people see how much someone cares, and help give them the drive to live their life rather than just 'be'.
At the same time I have such a keen attitude toward research, so this could be an option, too.
Whatever happens, I'll be doing what I love, and at the same time feel like I'm making a real difference, which creates such a great sense of inner peace - I couldn't ask for more in a career.

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I hope all goes well for both of you and you will be able to help people as professionals soon! <br />
I've worked with a few mental health practitioners and psychiatrists. It isn't hard to separate those who genuinely care for what they're doing from those who don't or are just burnt out.<br />
I'm happy to see the passion you have for your chosen path. Best of luck!

i know how you feel completely<br />
i am just drawn to clinical psych!<br />
i plan to start studying for my GRE to get into grad school, i hope i can do it!<br />
<br />
i hope all goes well for you :)