I Felt Very Refreshed.

I have had two professional colonics. 

The first time, I was apprehensive and felt that if I didn't have some symptoms to talk about, that the "nurse" (I don't know what else to call the operator) would think me a bit off.  But after a brief chat, she assured me that many of her clientele simply liked the experience. The session was about 45 minutes, all modesty was safeguarded and I soon relaxed and got into the mood. There was new age music piped quietly into the room.  The gravity fed system never made me feel bloated or uncomfortable.  It seemed that just as I was beginning to feel full, the expulsion would begin.

I have self administered enemas many times, so based on the fill time and my "distention" I would guess each fill was only about 1 quart of body temperature water.  I could feel (and hear) solid matter being flushed away and near the end of the treatment, knew that i was pretty much empty.

All the facilities I have spoken with recommend a series of 3 treatments in a matter of days, about every third day.  The idea is that each treatment will dislodge more of the "crusted" matter and will need to be washed away in a subsequent session.  The fee was $75; a discount was offered if I signed up for the series.

The last 10 minutes of the session, I was allowed to simply lie there to regain my composure.  When I finally dressed and left, I felt very refreshed and "lighter".  When I returned home I stepped on a scale as I had before I left and noted that I had left about 1-1/2 pounds behind.  For the next few days I tried to eat healthier, following some of the guidelines from materials that were in the waiting room.

The next time I went for a colonic I sought out a facility that used a pump system instead of the gravity flow.  All in all, I did not notice any different sensations.

I don't think the sessions were "invasive".  The nozzle was not unusually large or uncomfortable, and was well lubricated when inserted.  The hoses and such were help in place with tape so there was never any fear that the nozzle would be pushed out.  Both facilities were in professional buildings and the staff at each seemed very professional.

I now do a series of enemas in the privacy and comfort of my home.  It is not as relaxing having to fill, expel and refill myself, but a lot less expensive.  The end (no pun intended) result is about the same.  If I could afford a quarterly series of treatments (the 3 sessions in a week) I would go to a professional.  There are no medical reasons that would prompt me to do this, I simply liked the feeling of being clean and re-energized.
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i weigh myself before and after an enema session; this gives me an idea of how thorough the cleansing was. Some days i retain some of the solution for a while, other days, i see a net weight loss. However, i do "feel" lighter after a good series of 2 or 3 bags.<br />
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As to coffee . . . When i hold a 2 qt coffee (1/2 drinking strength coffee, 1/2 water) i will notice the "buzz" of the caffeine and it will affect my ability to fall asleep.

So you go shopping with 2 qts. of leftover coffee in you. How do you feel this treatment benefits you? Thanks.

COFFEE<br />
<br />
i save everydays leftover coffee in a 2qt milk bottle. When the jug is full, i know its time for a treatment.<br />
<br />
After enough enemas that the discharge is clear i get the coffee. The bottle has been at room temperature and this is how i take it. The cool fluid is refreshing as it enters my now empty cavity. i plug with either a butt plug or a tampon, and then put on tight panties to hold a tampon in place to catch any spillage. i check my weight on the batroom scale then go about my days routine. Often, i go on a shopping errand, so that i am not close to a bathroom. The cramping can build pretty severly, but with some strong butt clenching i can usually make the sensation pass. i can often go hours with the coffee inside. my goal is to not expel the fluid, but to hold it all day. <br />
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if i simply cant hold it any longer, then i will grudgingly "let it go". Then a weight check will let me know how much i still hold.

I have. You can read about my first time in the group, "I remember my first enema at age 8." Since then, I have both been given and given myself enemas of two quarts or more. I first had a colonic in 1994, and it was good enough that I had twenty or so more over the next 5 years, but none since then. My girlfriend (now wife) and I started giving eachother enemas around that time and we still do. I would be interested in your experiences with coffee and oil implants.

it's really not abig deal. Much less invasive than a 2 quart enema. my guess is that each flush is only about 1 quart, so you never really feel as full as a simple enema.<br />
<br />
Have you experienced an enema?

When I started this group, I said that if 10 people would join and tell me why they are interested in trying a colonic, I would undergo one and write about it. I'm counting you as 1.

Yes. i started giving myself enemas shortly after Mom gave me one fo constipation (i gre up in the 50's, it was the thing to do).<br />
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I enjoyed the feeling of being clean and empty "down there". This is also when i began to stuff a variety of things into my "backside"<br />
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As i turned 50, i learned of colonics and made it a mission to experience one. As i ended my story, i now administer a series of short fill and release bursts with a variety of nozzels and solutions. Most often i use a "silver bullet" - a ***** shaped nozzle of aluminum, held in place with shoestrings tied up my crack and around my hips, and plain room temp water. When i feel really clean, i might do an implant of coffee or oil and hold this for an hour or two.

So you had given yourself enemas before and sought a colonic to see what it was like?