First Colonic: 1994

I have been fascinated with enemas since getting one at age 8 (story posted elsewhere). As an adult, I heard about colonic irrigation and one day found an ad for it in my area. The idea of being exposed to a stranger that way and them inserting something into me was exciting, but I was also nervouse about how I would explain why I wanted a colonic. I had no real health problems, I was really doing it for the sexual aspect. They didn't ask too many questions when I made the appt. When I got there, I met the therapist, Elaine. She was short, young, and attractive. After I was in the hospital gown, she positioned me on my left side and applied lubricant to my anus, pushing her finger inside a bit, not completely into my rectum. That was exciting, as was the insertion of the speculum. She used a pressure system rather than a gravity-fed system. She put me on my back for the colonic and started the water. I was doing it, getting a colonic irrigation from a woman I had just met. It was enjoyable, and I went back to that clinic a few times but never saw her again.
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It's not risky you can go for it just make sure to take some necessary precautions. Before going for colon cleansing learn from here what you expect while you are going for colon cleansing

The important natural bacteria is in your small intestine, not affected by a colonic. If you are interested, what is keeping you from trying it?

I havent tried it yet, but I've definately thought about it