Interested But Scared.

I've had an enema fetish since I was 17, but it's more of a fantasy thing than satisfaction with the act itself. I only tried my first bag enema four years ago, and it nearly caused me to faint for reasons I'm still unsure of. I don't know if it was electrolyte imbalance or abdominal pressure that caused the sensations. Regardless, from a fetish perspective I also have interest in colonics. Thirteen years ago I had two colonics administered by a woman who worked above her husband's chiropractic clinic. She used a gravity system with a reusable stainless steel nozzle. While I enjoyed the build-up and anticipation to the procedure, I felt nothing during it. This I believe was caused by the fact that the therapist did not cap off the exhaust hose while the water was going into me. As a result, water could flow right back out the exhaust instead of into me. I felt no pressure, no swishing or swirling inside.

While I desperately would like to get another colonic, this time with a more professional and pressurized system, I am very worried about the possible side effects it could cause, such as fluid imbalance and the washing away of good bacteria. I've discovered a therapist who is a five-minute bus ride away and want to try it, but can't get over the horror stories and scare tactics I've read about. I'm curious to know whether anyone has had any particularly bad experiences with colonics.
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I'm back to jonesing for a colonic again. I don't know why, but something about the start of a year gets me back into the fetish groove. I had my first bag enema exactly five years ago this month, and I'm now seriously considering taking the dive into a closed system colonic (I know I've had this done before, but as I explained above, I don't feel it was performed properly). Like I mentioned, I have a therapist who is a five-minute bus ride away and does it in her own home. The other day I found her new website and she has a photo of the room and the bed, and I've gotten an overwhelming desire to be on that bed undergoing the procedure. However, I'm still very scared about the possible side effects, particularly electrolyte imbalance. Has anyone seriously never experienced anything negative with colonics in the area of an imbalance, spaciness, headaches, nausea/vomiting, a rash, an arrhythmia, discharge, pain or anything else? When I spoke to the local therapist a couple years ago, she poo-pooed (heh) all my concerns, which really confused me. She acted like it wasn't even possible for such things to occur. I don't get it.

"hagfish": Thanks for your response. When I mentioned abdominal pressure as a possible culprit in the lightheadedness I felt after the enema, I'm referring to something I read about intra-abdominal pressure raising blood pressure. I believe I have low blood pressure, and perhaps the sudden raising might have made me woozy (although these symptoms lasted almost a day). I have read a few personal accounts of enemas where people had bad reactions, including one woman who fainted. I've only tried a few subsequent enemas since that bad experience, all with significantly less than two quarts and most with at least some salt. Another thing that mystifies me is that virtually nothing has come out of me when expelling. Last year I took on a second job and my schedule was altered. As a result I became pretty constipated for about a week (I don't go that often anyway, but this was extreme). I decided to try an enema, and except for maybe one small piece, I got no relief.

Even though I desperately want to try a colonic, what I've read and the fears I have are telling me that it's not worth the risk. In addition to the fetish/sensual aspects of it, I'm also interested in any possible health benefits that it could have, as I've read several accounts and watched many video clips where people claim to feel clearer and lighter afterwards. Of course that could be the Placebo Effect.

Do what you think is best. What have you read?

Your story raises several interesting questions. First, let me preface my remarks by saying that I am not a medical professional, just a person who has taken enemas and colonics. That said, I have not had what I would call a bad experience with a colonic, though some have been better than others.

If one enema nearly caused you to faint due to electrolyte imbalance, I would have to think that your electrolytes weren't well-balanced to begin with. If it was due to abdominal pressure, I would think you'd be in so much discomfort that you'd never want an enema, let alone a colonic, ever again. I expect you are right about the colonics you had: You should have felt something if that much water was going more than a little ways into your colon. Your explanation makes sense.

Since you would like to try a colonic again, I encourage you to do so. As for the horror stories, there are horror stories about everything. Nothing is without some risk. Thousands of people die every month in traffic accidents, but we drive to the mall without a second thought. Probably the worst thing that's liable to happen during a colonic is that the therapist could perforate your rectum, but you've had colonics before and that didn't happen. I've had colonics before and that didn't happen. The good bacteria is primarily in your small intestine (where digestion takes place) and will be little affected by a colonic. Talk to the therapist about your concerns. May your colonic experience be as good as the anticipation!